Christ Church, Mount Gambier

2015 marked the 150th anniversary of Christ Church. Built in 1865, just 20 years after the town’s settlement, its distinctive architecture was modelled on a church in Western France. The lych gate was added in 1928. Upper and lower halls formed the streetscape although the lower hall was demolished in 2004.  A recent addition, the Ashworth Room was constructed in 2011.

The buildings and grounds around them provide inspiration and tranquility on an otherwise busy Bay Road and are a reminder to the passer-by of the sacred dimension of life.

Christ Church keeps her watch in many ways, not just within the parish but in finding links to the wider community.

Saint Thomas, Port MacDonnell

There is a small but cohesive group of worshippers who often lunch together after the Sunday service. ‘We enjoy this fellowship and the privilege of getting to know our priests on a more personal level in a relaxed setting,’ says Maree Lynch, previous warden of the church.

In 2014 the historic church bell was repaired and rehung after being silent for thirteen years. Enthusiastic parishioners worked hard to build a concrete slab and new housing for the bell which now tolls for Sunday services which have been held in the church since 1897.  The bell is an important part of Port Mac’s history as it was used at times of heavy fog to assist the fishermen to return to shore and to herald in the New Year.

St .Thomas’ has a beautiful altar acquired when All Saints at Pinnaroo was decommissioned in 2012.

Saint Luke’s, Mount Schank

In 1969 Neil and Judy Geddes moved to Mt Schank after purchasing a Soldier Settlement property there and began attending services at St Luke’s. In 1986, Judy became Priest’s Warden. “Over the years,” says Judy, “we have been privileged to share in the history and memories of descendants and their families who had the vision and dedication to establish St Luke’s 114 years ago.”

In 1986 Val Collins became a warden. “Brian and I, together with Neil and Judy Geddes, have maintained the grounds and prepared the church for services for over thirty years,” says Val.

The Warden’s role has been taken up by Maree Lynch in 2019.

We have commemorated the centenary and planted trees to mark 114 years. We have shared joys and sorrows and celebrated Easter and Christmas with families travelling from afar to worship together. The Mount Schank Tennis Club has been the focal point for our social gatherings, especially our picnic lunch and barbecue on St Luke’s Day each October.